International corporate development

International corporate development

consulenzaItalian SMEs have expanded their presence in the international arena. As a result, it is an challeging opportunity to further develop their business and to significantly increase their competitiveness and capabilities.

In order to increase clients’ businesses in the international arena, our consultancy activity supports the decision-making processes allowing the company to begin an internal reflection about the possible outcomes of the internationalisation process.

Our ad hoc tools and skills can be helpful for managing company transition from a primarily “local” dimension to an “international” one.

We are able to highlight company strengths and weaknesses and to respond quickly to any request. First of all, we make a research in order to individualise the potential target markets and the corporate resources. The outcome of our resarch is the establishment of the company’s strategic positioning, understanding the key attributes of each and which plan best fits the company. Key facets of this positioning include: operating with discipline and focus to ensure that the appropriate resources are committed to each business opportunity; developing employee talent and leadership to its full potential to achieve superior results.

We provide information and advisory service to SMEs in order to penetrate the Eastern European market and to manage the higher complexity managerial roles, reducing the margin of error and financial risks in the decision making process.

Rationalising the operational costs in order to meet the requirements of efficiency in the corporate management and analyzing the relevant strengths and weaknesses, we can define a new reinforcement strategy and/or increase the market shares of the local branch of your company.