Market research

Market research

servizioMarket research addresses the definition of a market structure and the study and analyses of consumers’ behaviour and their decisional processes. It is a source of information from whom a company which supplies goods or services should its take marketing decisions as well as shoiuld value the perspectives of internationalisation at target. Based on the product or on the sector, the market research can draft a full framework of the market and present the best business opportunities. All acquired information helps the managers assessing the options regarding the internationalisation process of their own activity and molding commercial ideas into utility products.

EPC can provide survey data, technical documentation as well as ad hoc solutions. The delivery information on the Eastern European markets (particularly Romania) and on internationalisation processes is EPC’s core activity. We carry out various types of market research (both qualitative and quantitative) and at different levels, with different sectorial specialisations, based on the requirements of our clients. In case of the quantitative survey, we observe the optimal sampling rules in the relevant environment, in order to deliver the outcomes to other clients. Moreover, we ensure that the training of the personnel in charge with the interviews is being conducted on the basis of clear briefings which indicate the objectives and characteristics of the survey they shall carry out.

The research contains a sectorial statistical analysis, a comprehensive description of the company’s production at national level (including a profiling of the future competitors), a Swot analysis regarding the territorial opportunities, a cluster analysis, a market scenario, cross-sectoral processes, the positioning, the benchmarking, a survey regarding the consumer’s behaviour, motivations and purchase modality as well as client’s level of sophistication.

Besides these aspects, the study of the market sector highlights the variables seizing the company’s capacity to produce income and to understand how to acquire the full knowledge of all market potentials as well as how to benefit of ffuture incomes.

The result of the commissioned research is firstly stored and then written down in a report examining the specific sector (including the costs of the local products, the framework of competition, the transportation costs, the distribution channels, the fairs, the market segmentation etc.) and all other information required by the company. The research’s index may be standard as well as previously agreed with the beneficiary.

As a result, we will make an oral presentation of the achieved results describing the next steps to be taken and/or concrete input and proposals.