Searching a partner

Searching a partner

phildate051000041Not only SMEs in developed countries could benefit from industrial policy aimed at internationalisation; even developing areas could be well contaminated, in term of spillovers, employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, income redistribution, by the diffusion in their territory of relationships with SMEs clusters of developed countries.

EPC is able to favour the development of business relationships between companies in various countries and to look for business partners building transnational networks.

Rooted in the territory, our law firm find and select public and private local partners for commercial, industrial or financial purposes. We help understanding the opportunities offered by the market, in particular by the Romanian one, providing data collection, as well valuing each potential business partner.

East-European market is not only an outlet market, but a kind of supply market with various semi-finished and finished goods. We allow companies to identify potential suppliers thanks to the research carried out by our professional staff at local level, minimizing risks and maximizing the opportunities offered by the market.
After defining the target of the partnership (requirements, characteristics, motivations etc.), EPC searches and identifies a partner for the finalisation of financial, commercial and technical agreements. Based on an accurate research, thanks to the knowledge of the market, EPC makes available for each client various typologies of instruments aimed at favouring the contacts between the potential partners.

EPC supports its clients by making itself a bridge between different companies in order to reach a final consensus. Our staff verifiy the availability of potential partners to develop business or commercial collaborations, following an assessment regarding the financial reliability and solidity. We inform each client about the dimension of the potential partner (number of employees, turnover, share capital etc.) type of production and activity (export and local trade, import). Based on the collaboration with leading companies in the relevant fields, EPC allows each client to develop highly competitive solutions and to be updated about the best techniques available on the market.

After reaching an agreement with the partner, the negotiations and the procedures before the establishment of a joint venture company can be long and complex. However, thanks to the experience and competence of our local staff, EPC provides its clients with assistance in the preliminary procedures for joint venture establishment not only with Romanian but also with Moldavian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian partners.