About us

About us

The thoughtful attention we pay to our clients

se2Our main goal is to understand and fulfil our clients’ professional expectations trying to be considered an essential part of their organisations. We believe that it is crucial to focus our efforts for the achievement of the desired results. We measure our success by the satisfaction and success of our clients.

The high professionalism standards and the multidisciplinary expertise of our team provide specialized functional services to legal entities and natural persons by offering management consultancy as well as investment assistance in foreign financial markets. Unlike other consultancy firms, the range of our services also includes web site development and marketing applications, financial products and IT services.

Our commitment is to provide the highest level of quality service through an approach that combines broad knowledge of business issues with a deep understanding of specific industries as well as through a practical approach to resolving legal disputes. The success of our method is possible due to our daily interaction with other international law offices.

Punt into a nutshell, our firm focuses on providing clients with a wide range of flexible and high quality consultancy service to meet their needs of today and future.

Our values

E – Excellence – we are committed to strive for excellence in everything we do
U – Unity
R – Advanced resources
O – Organization
T – Time management
E – Experiences over several years
A – Attention and ambition affects everything we are doing
M – Motivation


Our fees

We propose a pricing method which is characterised by a variety of options and high flexibility. We discuss openly about the economic terms and conditions with our clients as well as we update them periodically detailing the activities carried out, the incurred costs and the future expense. Our pricing system may differ according to the activities carried out and the client’s requirements.

The pricing system can be summarized as follows:

a) Long-term consultancy agreement – the pricing system is adapted according to each client’s needs, intending to establish long-term relationships and professional collaboration with our firm. This type of agreement is usually based on a number or hours per month and is concluded fixing an amount for the corresponding hours.

b) Consultancy agreement for ad hoc activities – the client needs legal advice on a random basis (setting up a company, attendance at trials, drawing up a contract). Tariffs can be applied per hour or fixing a standard amount which can be quantified in advance and is not subject to change.

If you want to contact us in order to schedule an appointment for a presentation of our products and services, please send an e-mail to: office@euroteam.com.ro