Business opportunity

Business opportunity


EPC is specialised in the exploitation of market services and in the analysis of the local market, with particular attention to the definition of the socio-economic interacations and the relevant country’s environments.

Exploitation is directed towards the definition of market characteristics and the possibility of establishing a good relationship, finding the real opportunities of investment and partnership.

We assists the company in order to understand the local market opportunities based on the following criteria:

  • Targeting the investment opportunity for the company;
  • Gathering information regarding the market sector and the society;
  • Confronting and analysing the company requests;
  • Providing consultancy with respect to the most interesting local opportunities;
  • Constantly monitoring the market and its social development as well as identifying alternative investments and/or fields of activity;
  • Analysing the opportunity of purchasing agricultural and residential lots and other immovable properties;
  • Analysing the collaboration between local and foreign institutions;
  • Confronting mutual interests.